What is Powdered Cellulose?

An insoluble dietary fiber that is tasteless, odorless & colorless powder produced from naturally occurring components of plants.

Insoluble fiber is considered to be the “gut-healthy fiber” because one of its roles is supporting regularity. It does not dissolve in water and can be found in whole grain products and in Ridgeland® Cellulose Fibers.

Digestive Health

– The most recognized benefit of fiber is its important role in keeping the digestive system running smoothly by promoting regularity. Fiber adds bulk to help move food through the digestive tract.

– Along with regular exercise and plenty of water, fiber plays an important part in maintaining digestive health.


– Fiber may also be important for people who have diabetes. Diets high in whole grain and fiber have been shown to help people with diabetes manage their blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Weight Management

– Getting enough fiber can also help curb your hunger and help you feel satisfied, which can help with weight management. Research suggests that people who have higher intakes of fiber tend to have healthier body weights.

– High fiber foods may help with managing caloric intake.

Additional Functional Benefits of Ridgeland® Cellulose Fibers

  • Non caloric bulking agent
  • Increased water binding
  • Yield improvement
  • Pure White in Color